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Transform Your Practice

With Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Group Visits for Chronic Care Management
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$200K Annual Revenue Opportunity

With new Medicare rules for Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursements of up to $198.49 per patient every month, clinicians are able to recoup time spent by clinical staff for phone calls, and other tele-health activities in-between clinical encounters. For every 50 patients in a practice, clinicians are losing an average of $119,000 annually on time spent on follow up activities outside clinic hours that are not billed. 

Group Therapeutics:

 Redefining Shared Medical Appointments

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Group Therapeutics ROI and Revenue Guide

As a patient and medical professional I must say this elimination diet and this medical team are very refreshing, offering a whole new outlook on my health and the health of my patients. The detail and time taken to discuss the symptoms I have been having is very new to me as most gut symptoms are overlooked or treated with medications. I love that the “medicine” prescribed here is our food. Time well spent for me and I recommend making time to take this program. This experience was life changing for me"

- Liz Kainer.

(Elimination Diet Group Member)

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We Do The 
Heavy Lifting For you, 

From Start to Finish

Launching digital health and wellness programs have never been easier. With our DONE-FOR-YOU
Targeted Group Programs, you can launch your virtual practice FAST!
Discover high quality coaching and business tools for online health and wellness professionals.

Client resources:

  • Health assessments

  • Remote monitoring 

  • Nutrition support

  • Health education

  • Symptom tracking

  • Customer support

Business resources:

  • Program set up and delivery

  • Marketing strategy

  • Lead magnets

  • Session scripts

  • Team set up and training

  • Back office management

Why Group Clinics? 

With Digital Health Programs, You can Connect Better with Your Patients Through Targeted Group Programs and a Virtual Care Team Dedicated to Your Practice


Attract new patients into your practice through low cost group programs that help them know, like and trust you to take care of their personal health needs.


Free up your time for more effective and longer 1:1 clinic visits without compromising your patient load by converting group participants into 1 on 1 patients.


Partner with nutritionists, health coaches, dietitians and other clinicians to provide your patients with a holistic integrated healthcare experience. 


Keep your overheads low  by downsizing your practice to only key resources needed to help your patients achieve desired results.

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