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Diabetes Kidney Mastery with Dr. DD
Struggling to Keep Excess Weight Off? 

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Struggling to Keep Excess Weight Off? Introducing...
A medically guided weight loss program to combat metabolic dysfunctions that prevent weight loss and proper blood sugar control.

In Concert with diagnostic testing, this weight loss program is a complete package to help you shed excess pounds while improving overall health and blood sugar control.



  • Private members forum 

  • Dedicated coach

  • Monthly live events

  • Lab testing included

  • 6 private coaching sessions

  • Meal plans, shopping lists and recipes

  • 12 page expertly written downloadable guide

  • NutriSHIFT Core Renew Detox kit


The NutriSHIFT Core Renew Detox kit

provides comprehensive support  for phase I and II liver detoxification pathways by eliminating common inflammatory triggers to release toxic buildup and re-boot your metabolism to unlock a healthier, lighter and brighter you!

Ready to discover a healthier you?
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