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Tired of bloating, heartburn, food sensitivities and chronic digestive symptoms?
Introducing the Ultimate Natural Gut Reset Solution:

The 6-Week Elimination Diet

Comprehensive Group Program For Addressing Food Triggers of Chronic Inflammation

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Get all the help you need to address common digestive issues like:

Abdominal bloating, Weight loss resistance, Food reactions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and more!

What's Included?

Program Handbook

This is a 28-page guide on how to reset the gut and get relief from common digestive issues using the 5-R protocol of leaky gut repair.


Daily Trackers

Tracking hydration, mood, bowel movements, sleep are all important pieces of eliminating chronic inflammation and bowel disease. You will be able to identify how your lifestyle plays into the symptoms you are experiencing and how to adjust your habits to improve your overall health.


Physician Led Bi-weekly Live Sessions 

Topics include:

  • Introduction: The 5-Rs of Gut Repair

  • Remove: Understanding Food reactions

  • Replace: Digestion and Digestive Enzymes

  • Re-innoculate: Probiotics for Gut Healing

  • Repair: Using supplements and Herbs for

  • Re-balance: Gut Friendly Lifestyle Tips


Food Journal

Logging your meals is the most important aspect of successfully identifying your inflammatory triggers and understanding how your body responds to eating different kinds of foods.

Recipes Guide and Meal Planners

With over 50+ Gluten free, dairy free low inflammatory foods, you will have many options to choose from without feeling overly restricted or deprived of the nutrients you need for optimal health.


Real People, Real Experiences

Limited Spots Available!

Got Questions? 
We've got answers!

  • What are Shared Medical Appointments?
    Shared medical appointments aka Group visits, are follow up doctor visits designed by physicians to address certain illnesses in a group setting with other members of a care team.
  • Can I attend group sessions with any doctor on the WellnessWits platform?
    Yes, you can request to join a group and get access once approved by the group admin. You can also join the free group sessions and online community events that WellnessWits coaches host occasionally.
  • If I miss enrollment for an ongoing group, will I get another opportunity to join?"
    If you miss our ongoing group program, there is an opportunity to join a waitlist for for upcoming groups.
  • What makes WellnessWits different?
      Most digital therapeutics and telehealth platforms focus on individual encounters. Our unique approach to care delivery brings a shift from one-to-one telehealth solutions to one-to-many through virtual shared medical appointments.
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