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The AGS Genetic Test

The genes we are born with are unchangeable. However, some genes are inactive and therefore they are not expressed. Adjusting environmental conditions and lifestyle can activate or deactivate genes.


Diet: Discover the types of diets that complement your unique genetic makeup.

Foods: Your genes will illuminate which foods will promote optimal health and foods to avoid.

Vitamins: Noticing potential Vitamin deficiencies so that you can be aware of what vitamins you should get from food and supplements.

Exercise: Tailor your exercise routine based on your genes to get the results you are looking for.

Available Panels:

  • Premium Health and Wellness and NutraFit Health: Comprehensive and unique wellness tests that guide you to overall health by helping you to: boost energy, enhance vitality, increase muscle and bone health, control weight, optimize exercise routines, improve mood and identify vitamin deficiencies.

  • Drug Sensitivity:                                                                              Understanding how your genes affect you reaction to drugs. Make your medication treatment safer and more effective.

  • Skin Health:                                                                                      Your genetic test results will encourage a proactive approach to achieve and maintain healthier skin and a health

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1. Simple, non-invasive cheek swab           


2. Drop in the mail. 

3. Results in 2-3 weeks.