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NutriSHIFT™ Score

The NutriSHIFT™ Score is a self-check assessment tool for taking a snapshot of your health status over the past 14-30 days, based on six clinically proven lifestyle modifiable cellular functions that influence health and well-being: Nutrition, Stress response, Hormonal balance, Immunity, Food metabolism and Toxin removal. 

Backed By Science; Clinically Proven

 When there is an impairment in any core cellular function, chronic disease(s) may ensue. These functional impairments are sometimes referred to as 'root causes' or 'underlying factors'.

Each function contributes 60 points to the total score of 360. The higher your score, the higher the chances of an ongoing chronic inflammatory process in the body. The NutriSHIFT™ health assessment is a scientifically validated 10-minute online quiz to help you discover your health risk for chronic diseases like Hypertension, diabetes, Heart disease or Cancers.. You can take this quiz as often as you want to track how your health is responding to lifestyle or dietary changes over time.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Many chronic diseases are caused by key risk behaviors. By making healthy choices, you can reduce your likelihood of getting a chronic disease and improve your quality of life. Understanding the natural  pathways to chronic diseases will help you identify and mitigate behaviors or exposures that increase your risk.

Be In Control of Your Health, Be In the Know

Which cellular function do you score the highest in? Based on where you have the most impairment, a primary care physician or functional health practitioner can use this to guide areas of testing and treatment needed to improve your health.


Norma. R

With WellnessWits I am given the education I need about my health and body in order to correct the issues I have. I love the easy to follow meal plans and the coaching. I always feel more motivated each time I talk with any of WellnessWits staff.

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Ife. F

I am so thankful we met WellnessWits, now I am a strong believer in finding root causes of issues before taking medications. As a matter fact, we hardly take medications in my family. We now believe in healthy living.

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Tonye. T 

My coach was very thorough in analyzing my health profile and educating me on how certain factors contribute to my symptoms. She really took the time to sit and discuss with me in a personalized way that was easy to understand. .