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Your Wellbeing is in Your Hands

Download the WellnessWits App to access personalized care plans, targeted programs, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Health Transformation  Should not be Rocket Science; It's as simple as

Find answers unique to your personal health and well being by addressing underlying triggers of chronic inflammation and impairments of normal cellular functions.


The NutriSHIFT™ incorporates six core lifestyle modifiable cellular function as the basis for your personalized healing journey. We take a patient centered approach to help your discover ways to adapt to news ways of living by making small impactful changes daily to help you reverse chronic symptoms. Based on where you have the most impairment, a primary care physician or functional health practitioner can use this to guide areas of testing and treatment needed to improve your health.

Making A SHIFT from Red to Green

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Are you burning the candle on both ends? While stress is a normal part of life, it should be quickly recovered from. Poor stress recovery is a result of unmanaged chronic stress. Strategies for reducing stress and improving sleep will set the stage for hormonal balance and immune resilience in your body.


As the main foundation for health and vitality, optimizing cellular micronutrient levels is the mainstay approach to activating the body's natural healing processes. NutriSHIFT Life helps you focus on eating a nutrient dense, whole foods diet, to slow down aging and maintain a solid foundation for cellular health.

NutriSHIFT Explained


Hormones play a vital role in our body’s chemistry and they are an integral part of every organ in the body. As your body experiences periodic hormonal changes, continuous monitoring and tracking of symptoms will help you understand your hormonal patterns and ways  to re-sync your natural hormonal rhythm through adequate sleep, physical activity and targeted nutrition.

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The digestive tract holds up to 75% immune function in the body. Your gut bacteria population (aka microbiome) modulates how your immune system works in concert with other organs. Food sensitivities, allergies and autoimmunity are tell-tale signs of immune dysfunction and abnormal fight against normal tissue. A digestive system reset is incorporated into the NutriSHIFT Life program to address gut related diseases through eliminating pro-inflammatory foods and starting

a whole food diet to help retrain the immune system to function properly and not attack self.

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Food Metabolism

Food can either be medicine or poison, therefore, how your body responds to food is central to your overall health. Pharmaceuticals and medical interventions aren’t the only way to fight disease, your diet plays an important role too. Discover ways to correct metabolic dysfunctions like poor sugar control and high cholesterol levels with balanced nutrition coupled with physical activity, to reduce the risk of cardio-metabolic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

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Toxins can be found in a variety of sources, including the environment, food, and consumer products. Exposure to toxins has been linked to a range of chronic diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and neurological conditions. Chronic diseases are long-term illnesses that typically develop over time and are often associated with aging. While the relationship between toxins and chronic diseases is complex and not fully understood, it is clear that minimizing exposure to toxins is an important part of maintaining good health and preventing the development of chronic diseases.

Improved sleep, more energy, less sugar cravings, blood pressure control, better nutrition status...what's more? 
A Wholesome Life!

These and many more benefits are what you should expect when you join the 1 Year NutriSHIFT™ program.

What Can You Achieve in Just One Year? 


NutriSHIFT Addresses six core  cellular functions that can be improved with lifestyle, behavior and  dietary changes over a period of 3 months to 1 year: Nutrition, Stress response, Hormonal balance, Immunity, Food metabolism and Toxin removal. 


Program details:

  • Private members forum 

  • Dedicated coach

  • Monthly live events

  • Video lessons

  • 12 private coaching sessions

  • Meal plans, shopping lists and recipes

  • 12 expertly written downloadable guides

Ready to Make A SHIFT?

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