AGS Gene Testing

Discover the best diet and exercise plans for optimal health based on your unique genes.



Saliva Hormone Testing

Get tested to find out how balanced the levels of hormones distributed to your body are. 



Food Intolerance Testing

Take a Food Intolerance test to determine if any of these 30 foods are foods you are sensitive to. 

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Comprehensive Stool Analysis

This test evaluates your microbiome and whether is it promoting or compromising your health. 

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Comprehensive Female Panel

Get results on your overall health in major areas as well as specific test for women's health.


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Food Inflammation Test

The FIT test measures sensitivity to 132 foods. 

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GI Stool Effects Profile

Find out whether the nutrients you eat are absorbed and what could be causing any IBS symptoms you might have. 

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GI Map Test

A compromised gut can lead to chronic health problems. Take this test to find out how your gut is linked to your overall health. 

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NutrEval Test

Identify any nutritional deficiencies your might have. 

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Organix Test

Test to reveal toxic exposures and measure your body’s ability to neutralize those toxins.

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Test for overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine contributing to IBS. 

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Toxins and Essential Elements Test

Test for toxins in the blood and deficiencies in necessary trace elements.