Wits Institute of Functional Medicine

WellnessWits is collaborating with a team of experts in the field of Functional Medicine. They bring insight and experience to our training program for health providers and coaches. Our goal is to increase the reach of functional medicine in underserved countries especially Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Dr Vivian Asamoah MD


Dr Rohit Rasamanth MD


Claudia Serey CNS


Kike Oduba MBBS, MPH


Dr Oduba is a population health enthusiast who is passionate about faith, family and wellness.

Her personal journey to healing from Hashimoto's disease amidst other health challenges has left a desire to bring change in the way chronic diseases are being managed.

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Iris Perez AS, WCHC


Iris is a wellness coach and a cosmetologist. As a mother of four, she has achieved great results in her fitness goals and she is passionate about showing other mom's how to bounce back after pregnancy.  She is also a clean and mindful eating enthusiast, who encourages eating nutritious meals that fuel the body.

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