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Exhausted? Losing hair? Moody? 
Discover the underlying causes and address chronic symptoms of Thyroid disease.

3-Month Thyroid Recovery Program

An in-depth functional approach to recovering from the effects of thyroid dysfunction.

Get all the support needed to uncover root causes and how to  manage symptoms effectively. Not only will we explore a full list of all the symptoms, you will also discover how to avoid many more serious complications. 

Learn just how thyroid symptoms can mimic other ailments and why it’s so important to get a proper assessment.  Joint pains, obesity and infertility are all potential symptoms of other diseases but may also be linked to thyroid disease.

Thyroid Recovery Secrets E-Book

This is a detailed guide on how to restore the thyroid back to life with proven strategies for increasing energy levels, addressing hormonal imbalances and improving overall quality of life.

What's included?

Bi-weekly visits

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of thyroid antibodies will help streamline care and inform how your body is responding to care.

Our lifestyle recommendations and supplement protocol will also help you alleviate most of your symptoms and assist you it your thyroid health back to normal.

Daily Trackers

Tracking hydration, mood, bowel movements, sleep are all important pieces of eliminating chronic inflammation and bowel disease. You will be able to identify how your lifestyle plays into the symptoms you are experiencing and how to adjust your habits to improve your overall health.

Get all the help you need to address common digestive issues like Abdominal bloating, Weig
Finally, you can have the life you want with more energy and less symptoms.
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