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Your Workforce

With Low Cost Benefit Group Programs for Employee Health and Wellness

Building Healthy Workplaces 

One Person At A Time

We get to know your employees, their health history and what they need. Then, we work hard to ensure a seamless delivery of care from our physician-led virtual care teams.

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Why Group Therapeutics? 

Upcharge your employee wellness programs through science based group-directed digital therapeutics that allows sharing of lived experiences with people with similar health challenges  or interests.


Happy employees make thriving businesses. Explore health and wellness programs adapted for workplace productivity and mental health support to improve moral and goodwill.


Use up less time for sick days with effective preventive care programs by streamlining care through targeted group programs.


Integrated programs that meet employee needs with a personalized approach that generates proven engagement and delivers demonstrated clinical outcomes and results.


Save healthcare costs and drive up profitability through value based wellness systems that are customized for your business needs.

Would your organization benefit from Group Therapeutics?

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