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Founding Story

WellnessWits was founded as an integrative health coaching practice in 2018 by Dr. Kike Oduba. Her experience as a survivor of a chronic disease, specifically thyroid disease, showed how social determinants of health can significantly impact access to quality care and how providers may be limited in their ability to provide needed resources to the chronically ill in a time-constrained one-on-one medical consultation. 


After joining several support groups online to further understand the social context of her illness, she found that shared lived experiences with other mums in a 1.2 million-member Facebook group named 'Hypothyroid Mom' helped her achieve remission and wholeness much more than any encounter she had in a clinical setting. This discovery made her realize how disconnected the medical community is from patient experiences on online social platforms.


Consequently, chronically ill patients rely on social media for information sharing, resulting in medical misinformation, lack of trust, and poor adherence. This experience led to the birth of WellnessWits when she began dedicating her time and efforts towards improving patient-provider interactions through what she calls 'Medical Group Hugs', otherwise known as

Group Therapeutics 

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We are transforming healthcare through best- cost solutions for chronic disease care and prevention enabled by collaborative & social-digital communities.

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No Person Should Suffer in Silence or in Silo Due to Chronic Illness

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