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Socially Enabled Connected Care
with Group Therapeutics™

A unique virtual care solution with an end-to-end open platform for proactive population health and chronic disease management through virtual Shared Medical Visits (vSMV).

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Offering Best-cost Solutions for Chronic Disease Care and Prevention. 

We help clinicians who manage large patient volumes, digitize, standardize, and automate manual tasks related to chronic care delivery.

Group Therapeutics:

 Redefining Shared Medical Appointments

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Group Therapeutics ROI and Revenue Guide

As a patient and medical professional I must say this elimination diet and this medical team are very refreshing, offering a whole new outlook on my health and the health of my patients. The detail and time taken to discuss the symptoms I have been having is very new to me as most gut symptoms are overlooked or treated with medications. I love that the “medicine” prescribed here is our food. Time well spent for me and I recommend making time to take this program. This experience was life changing for me"

- Liz Kainer.

(Elimination Diet Group Member)

See It In Action
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Patients Pay less and Providers earn more

We are transforming healthcare by invoking positive change in favor of the patient. We offer easy and cost saving solutions that help streamline patient care through Group Therapeutics. The end goal is reducing clinician burnout and reducing long-term healthcare costs for patients and payers by enabling providers to easily deliver chronic care services through virtual Shared Medical Appointments (SMVs).

Awards and Recognitions

The Most Effective Health Equity Solution

Revolutionizing Chronic Care through Shared Medical Visits

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See how WellnessWits helps health providers streamline virtual care

Powerful, intuitive tools that help healthcare providers deliver the best care. By using our technology, they can conduct socially inclusive and targeted programs that allow care teams to work effectively with 5x less time spent in one on one encounters. In the end, patients receive more humane, efficient, and personalized care.  

Clinical Encounters Focused on Targeted Populations Through Virtual Shared Medical Visits

Increased care team productivity with reduced burnout and work related stress.

Healthcare should not be a one-size-fits-all, Group therapeutics create avenues for patients and providers to collaborate in creating personalized health plans.

Better care coordination and clinical workflows that increases patient adherence and engagement.

Socially enabled digital health communities help foster sustained patient engagement and improved health outcomes of chronic diseases.

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