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Our Solution: Group Therapeutics

A mobile eco-system for people with similar health problems

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How WellnessWits Works



Targeted Programs

​​WellnessWits gives you access to virtual care services including primary care, mental health, nutrition, and wellness coaching. Our licensed and board-certified team of experts and specialists offer recommendations and medical advice on non-emergency chronic issues like:

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Health Risk Assessments

Quickly identify potential health risks by taking regular assessments as often as you like. Self-paced programs and personalized care plans give you step-by-step instructions on how to improve your health and access resources to help you quickly abate any impending risks.

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Group Sessions

Join Drop-in Group Medical Appointments (DIGMAS) with your family or caregivers and enjoy the opportunity to ask questions and get real time feedback from your care team and other group members.

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Our 4 Steps Implementation



In-office or post-admission patient recruitment after initial diagnosis.


Group Assignment

Patient joins a group through a unique code or link that gives them specific access to their physician, care team members and other patients seen by the same doctor.



Patient download the app from a QR at the office 

or clicks a link from an after visit text or email.


Personalized Care

Telehealth visits (group or individual), remote monitoring, medication management and health education accessible with assigned groups or individually as needed for personalized care.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complete Health

We harness the power of community to bridge health gaps and address social determinants of health. Unlike traditional healthcare models, our innovative group therapeutics platform fosters collaboration and support, empowering members to achieve lasting wellness together.


Our programs offer this unique approach to healthcare, where patients with similar medical conditions can receive care together. This allows for more personalized attention and support from both the healthcare provider and other patients..

Health Providers

Our platform is designed to help private practices and health systems manage group appointments efficiently. With our platform, you can easily schedule, organize, and manage group appointments, making it easier for both patients and healthcare providers.


Shared appointments can provide a sense of community and support among employees who may be dealing with similar health concerns. Consider offering shared medical appointments as a valuable benefit for your employees.

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