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Clinical Encounters Focused on Targeted Interventions Through Virtual Shared Medical Visits

See how WellnessWits helps health systems streamline healthcare


With optimal end-to-end user experience for patients and providers alike, tele-health programs allow easier and quick access to robust clinical encounters with minimal healthcare costs.

Clinically proven expert led programs and patient communities help foster sustained patient engagement and improved health outcomes of chronic diseases.

Every individual has beliefs, patterns and behaviors that hold them back. You'll help patients learn how to focus on positive behavior change while minimizing the negatives.

Healthcare should not be a one-size-fits-all, tele-health create avenues for patients and providers to collaborate in creating personalized health plans.

From Wellness to Wellbeing

Through Collaborative Care and Social Digital Communities

A unique digital therapeutic solution with an end-to-end open platform for proactive chronic disease management through virtual Shared Medical Visits (vSMV).

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The Wellness Solution

Revolutionizing Chronic Care through Shared Medical Visits

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