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We hope you found your experience with us helpful and we were able to support you through any health challenge you may be going though.

We would love to hear your thoughts about your encounter with us. Your feedback and testimonial helps us reach more people so they can feel better, lose weight and live disease free wholesome lives!


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Ife. F

Supportive staff

The first encounter Dr Kike Oduba had with my son changed his life forever. My son who was then 3 years old had a problem of stooling too often about 4 to 5 times daily which i felt was not normal. This made him have an unhealthy weight. The hospital said to watch his food and what he puts in his mouth. I did all that. He loves to drink his milk which i made sure he enjoyed as a drink and with his cereals. I also noticed that his breathing sounded funny. You could hear him breathe from the door of his room. I felt it was because of his always runny nose.


The day i knew something had to be done was when he had an afternoon nap, and i wanted to change his clothes. That was the first time in a long time i saw his bare chest while he was asleep. From the way his little chest moved up and down i became scared. I knelt down beside him praying to God for help. So we to took him to the hospital to have him checked, but doctors only gave us more antibiotics. At this time i was really scared for him. Two weeks after, my son had a play date with Kike's children and in a couple of minutes she was able to pick up something about my son. She called me to ask if my son has any hearing problems, i said no as i have never noticed. Though i knew he didn't speak clearly yet. Then she asked more questions and i told her all we were experiencing with him.


At a second meeting, she discovered that he had swollen tonsils and one part of his throat was almost blocked. This discovery linked us to his breathing difficulties. I was hysterical and called a couple of doctors and we were asked to surgically remove the tonsils. Dr Oduba suggested that we tried an elimination diet, pointing first to cow's milk. I thought, "that should make him healthier right?" In a bid to find a solution to all his health challenges, i stopped him from cow's milk and started him on almond milk and something shocking happened. In about a week, i noticed i couldn't hear the loud and heavy breathing any longer. Next thing i noticed is that he stopped stooling as often and then, his nose stopped being runny. I know it was a miracle. The cow's milk i felt was helping my son stay healthy, was actually hurting his body system. He is lactose intolerant and i wasn't aware of it. I am so thankful he met Dr Oduba. I take extra care to watch what he eats and drinks. He is 6 now and we have had no runny nose for over 2 years and his breathing is super fine.

Now i am a strong believer in finding root causes of issues before taking medications. Matter fact, we hardly take medications in my family. We now believe in healthy living.

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Norma. R

Helpful, professional, knowledgeable, supportive team

As a mother of two I find myself neglecting my body. Unaware of the damage eating the wrong foods can do to my body. With WellnessWits I am given the education I need about my health and body that I need in order to correct the issues I have. I love the easy to follow meal plans and the coaching. I always feel more motivated each time I talk with any of WellnessWits staff. Super friendly and helpful, I also enjoy the Christianity base of the program. Thank you wellness wits God Bless!

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Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Tonye. T

Dr. Kike Oduba was very thorough in analyzing my health profile and educating me on how certain factors contribute to my symptoms. She really took the time to sit and discuss with me in a personalized way that was easy to understand. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to educate and see improvement in her clients. I'll definitely recommend WellnessWits.

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