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Programmed Group Medical Appointments (P-GMA)

Programmed Group Medical Appointments™ (P-GMA) is a revolutionary approach to healthcare that allows patients to receive medical care in a group setting This innovative approach not only saves time and money, but it also provides patients with a supportive community of peers who are going through similar health. With P-GMA, patients can receive personalized care while also benefiting from the collective wisdom and support of their peers.


Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Programmed Group Medical Appointments™ (P-GMA) provide a platform for shared learning. Patients benefit from the questions and answers shared during these group sessions, gaining a broader understanding of their conditions than they might in individual appointments.


Peer Support and Motivation

One of the key benefits of P-GMA is the natural support network that forms among participants. Sharing experiences and challenges with peers who understand and relate can significantly enhance emotional well-being and motivation.


Efficient Use of Resources

P-GMA sessions are more time and resource-efficient. Patients can receive comprehensive advice, undergo evaluations, and learn management strategies for their conditions in a single session, reducing the need for multiple individual appointments.

Partner with WellnessWits Today

Embrace the future of healthcare with WellnessWits. By integrating our group therapeutics platform into your health plan, you can close the health gaps within your population and address the social determinants of health that impact your members' well-being. Together, we can create a healthier, more equitable world. 

Our 4 Steps Implementation



In-office or post-admission patient recruitment after initial diagnosis.


Group Assignment

Patient joins a group through a unique code or link that gives them specific access to their physician, care team members and other patients seen by the same doctor.



Patient download the app from a QR at the office 

or clicks a link from an after visit text or email.


Personalized Care

Telehealth visits (group or individual), remote monitoring, medication management and health education accessible with asigned groups or individually as needed for personalized care using AI/ML.

  • What are Shared Medical Appointments?
    Shared medical appointments aka Group visits, are follow up doctor visits designed by physicians to address certain illnesses in a group setting with other members of a care team.
  • Can I attend group sessions with any doctor on the WellnessWits platform?
    Yes, you can request to join a group and get access once approved by the group admin. You can also join the free group sessions and online community events that WellnessWits coaches host occasionally.
  • If I miss enrollment for an ongoing group, will I get another opportunity to join?
    If you miss our ongoing group program, there is an opportunity to join a waitlist for for upcoming groups.
  • What makes WellnessWits different?
      Most digital therapeutics and telehealth platforms focus on individual encounters. Our unique approach to care delivery brings a shift from one-to-one telehealth solutions to one-to-many through virtual shared medical appointments.
Compare Group Therapeutics to Alternatives
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