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There is a Group for Everyone
Chronic disease risk?
Struggling with
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Drop-In Group Medical Appointments (DIGMA)

Don't rely on social media or 'Dr. google' as your source of truth to answer your health related questions. Hop into group visits with one click on your mobile device.

Programmed Group Medical Appointments™ (P-GMA)

Join self-directed group programs targeted at specific conditions or health topics to help you achieve your health goals quicker and more effectively.

Individual Medical Appointments and Personalized Coaching 

With the robust care and attention you get in shared appointments, you will not likely need frequent 1:1 visits if you are engaged with your care team through groups. Get individual care with 1:1 visits as needed for acute illness or more personal interaction with a care provider.

Group Therapeutics™, Virtual Care Teams, and Individual Medical Appointments. 


Eating right is the cornerstone of a healthy life. Our personalized nutrition plans are designed by dietitians to fit your unique lifestyle and goals. 

Social Care

Connect with others on your wellness journey. Our community programs and support groups provide the camaraderie and accountability you need to thrive. 


Embrace a lifestyle that promotes well-being. From stress management techniques to sleep hygiene, we guide you through making small changes that have a big impact on your quality of life


Get moving with our fitness programs tailored to all levels. Whether it's yoga, HIIT, or gentle stretching, our certified instructors lead you towards a stronger, more flexible you.

Experience Wholeness

"Empowering patients through shared experiences."

Shared medical appointments are group appointments where patients with similar medical conditions meet with a healthcare provider. This approach allows patients to receive personalized care while also benefiting from the support and knowledge of others in the group.

Why Group Programs?

With Targeted Group Programs (TGP) we connect you to resources that help you address chronic health issues  and lower your chances for hospitalizations and in frequent doctor visits.

Features of Targeted Therapeutic Healing Communities 

Real People, Real Experiences

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