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Get a smart peak flow meter at no cost to you with eligible insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. See if you qualify today!

The Breathe Easy program provides Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for effective management and prevention of Asthmatic attacks.

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Meet The Team


Marie-Paule Dupiton,
M.D., F.A.A.P


Eiris Fahim,D.O., F.A.A.P

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Kelly Gilgeours,
M.D., F.A.A.P.


Tyrone Brown,

  • What are Shared Medical Appointments?
    Shared medical appointments aka Group visits, are follow up doctor visits designed by physicians to address certain illnesses in a group setting with other members of a care team.
  • Can I attend group sessions with any doctor on the WellnessWits platform?
    Yes, you can request to join a group and get access once approved by the group admin. You can also join the free group sessions and online community events that WellnessWits coaches host occasionally.
  • If I miss enrollment for an ongoing group, will I get another opportunity to join?
    If you miss our ongoing group program, there is an opportunity to join a waitlist for for upcoming groups.
  • What makes WellnessWits different?
      Most digital therapeutics and telehealth platforms focus on individual encounters. Our unique approach to care delivery brings a shift from one-to-one telehealth solutions to one-to-many through virtual shared medical appointments.

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