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Comprehensive Concussion Care for Children

Children are incredibly resilient and often recover from bumps and bruises within days. However, this doesn’t make them immune from more serious injuries, such as concussions.

These can be caused by slips, falls, sports, and any other physical activity, which puts kids at an especially high risk. Even if the child didn’t lose consciousness after a hit to the head they could suffer from a concussion, which is why it’s so important to take all incidents seriously.

Every caretaker should know the steps to take to provide the best pediatric concussion care possible, starting with a visit to the emergency room if there are any immediate concerns.

The Importance of Proper Care

The brain of a child is constantly growing and adapting, and an injury such as a concussion can hinder those things from happening properly. This is due to the fact that when the brain moves around rapidly during an injury it can hit the inside of the skull several times before settling. Unfortunately this damages the brain tissue and consequently the cells that are needed for the brain to function normally. This damage can progress with time, leaving children with issues such as trouble concentrating and constant headaches.

Long-Term Concussion Care

In order for a child’s brain to heal after a concussion it has to be rehabilitated, just as a bone has to be rehabilitated with physical therapy after being broken. Traditional doctors do not offer this, which is why it’s necessary to see an alternative care provider. A functional neurologist can be relied on for in- depth concussion care that pinpoints the exact part of the brain that was affected during the injury. This eliminates the risks associated with guessing, so only the exact cause of the problem is focused on from the start.

How are the damaged areas found? The process starts with an extensive analysis of the brain using cutting edge technology and testing techniques. After the functional neurologist analyzes the information, they are then able to determine the rehabilitation solutions that are right for the individual child. Because each concussion is unique, it’s impossible to say which solution is the right choice until the testing has been completed.

Important Information About Concussions in Children

While the above information about seeking long-term care is true for anyone who has suffered from a concussion (even one that occurred years ago), it's especially important for children. This is due to the fact that the frontal lobes of the brain continue to develop all the way until the age of 25. A concussion could affect the development of this as well as other parts of the brain in younger children.

Any time a child suffers a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation should follow immediately to minimize the risk of future functionality problems and ensure the best chance of a full recovery. A functional neurologist can help with this, offering comprehensive care that makes a difference.

To find a functional Neurologist, visit the Institute for Functional Medicine Find a Practitioner Portal to get connected with a provider.

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