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What are the Other Benefits of Weight Loss?

If you are on a diet, chances are good your motivation includes losing enough weight to look good in your swimsuit or fit into your tux in time for your best friend's wedding. Everyone wants to look good in their clothes, but there is more to losing weight than bikinis and beach bodies. Weight loss can help you avoid some cancers and live longer. It may also improve your sleep and enhance your sex life.

Why is this important? Because by focusing on the other benefits of weight loss, you change your mindset about your healthy habits. It increases your motivation and gives you something long-term to strive for.

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

As you age, it is normal find yourself in the doctor's office. After a certain period of time, bones and joints weaken, but being overweight can exacerbate this problem. Your knees and back must accommodate the extra ten or fifteen pounds you have added to your frame. This extra weight will only hasten the deterioration of those joints. The extra pounds can also make it harder to breathe, which in turn can aggravate allergies, asthma and even sleep patterns. Overweight folks often develop sleep apnea and wake themselves up in the night snoring. While breathing machines can help eliminate snoring, sleep apnea often disappears on its own after a patient loses a significant number of pounds.

Doctors have also linked being overweight to some types of cancer,high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. While you will definitely look better in your swimsuit if you lose a few pounds, chances are good you will feel better too.

Mental Benefits of Weight Loss

The old saying "if you look good you feel good" is actually true. Losing weight boosts your confidence and your overall sense of well-being. It can also help your sex life. Extra weight depletes testosterone which diminishes sex drive. As you lose weight, the testosterone is often replenished along with your desire to have sex. Some doctors even believe women who have shed a few pounds have a better chance of getting pregnant. Last but not least, do not forget one of the worst parts of being overweight. If you must fly and cannot buckle your seat belt, the flight attendant is required by law to get a seat belt extender to help you securely buckle yourself into your seat. This is a humiliating experience that can ruin your trip before you have even left the ground. Something to think about before you reach for a second cookie.

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