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Care Delivery at Scale with Group Therapeutics

Digital Platform for Virtual and In-person Shared Medical Appointments 

Transformative Health Through Community Power

Drop-In Group Medical Appointments (DIGMA)

Programmed Group Medical Appointments™ (P-GMA)

Convenient and cost-effective. Patients receive personalized attention and support from both the provider and other patients. They are a great option for ongoing care or a quick check-up.

Self-directed group programs targeted at specific conditions or health topics to help patients achieve health goals quicker and more effectively.


Collaborative Appointments and Multidisciplinary Care 

By involving multiple healthcare professionals in the care process, patients can receive a holistic approach to their treatment. Our platform is designed to facilitate this collaborative approach, making it easier for healthcare professionals to work together and provide the best possible care for their patients.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complete Health

We harness the power of community to bridge health gaps and address social determinants of health. Unlike traditional healthcare models, our innovative group therapeutics platform fosters collaboration and support, empowering members to achieve lasting wellness together.


Our programs offer this unique approach to healthcare, where patients with similar medical conditions can receive care together. This allows for more personalized attention and support from both the healthcare provider and other patients..

Health Providers

Our platform is designed to help private practices and health systems manage group appointments efficiently. With our platform, you can easily schedule, organize, and manage group appointments, making it easier for both patients and healthcare providers.


Shared appointments can provide a sense of community and support among employees who may be dealing with similar health concerns. Consider offering shared medical appointments as a valuable benefit for your employees.

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 The detail and time taken to discuss the symptoms I have been having is very new to me as most gut symptoms are overlooked or treated with medications. Time well spent for me and I recommend making time to take this program. This experience was life changing for me"

- Liz Kainer.

(Elimination Diet Group Member)

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  • What are Shared Medical Appointments?
    Shared medical appointments aka Group visits, are follow up doctor visits designed by physicians to address certain illnesses in a group setting with other members of a care team.
  • Can I attend group sessions with any doctor on the WellnessWits platform?
    Yes, you can request to join a group and get access once approved by the group admin. You can also join the free group sessions and online community events that WellnessWits coaches host occasionally.
  • If I miss enrollment for an ongoing group, will I get another opportunity to join?
    If you miss our ongoing group program, there is an opportunity to join a waitlist for for upcoming groups.
  • What makes WellnessWits different?
      Most digital therapeutics and telehealth platforms focus on individual encounters. Our unique approach to care delivery brings a shift from one-to-one telehealth solutions to one-to-many through virtual shared medical appointments.
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