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We use a team approach to assess each person as a whole; combining genetics, lifestyle, health history, and environmental factors as pertinent pieces of information to connect the dots leading to the root causes of disease.


Our Functional health physicians, Nutritionist and Health coaches use tools brilliantly developed by the Institute of Functional Medicine and leverage on in-depth lab testing to streamline care and improve efficiency of our client encounters.

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Are you ready for a wholesome, sickness free life?

For less than $5 a day, you can get access to cutting edge Functional Health programs.

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Personalized Wellness Plans

Have you ever felt your health concerns are left unchecked? We use every tool in our hats to drill down on your health concerns.

Norma. R

With WellnessWits I am given the education I need about my health and body in order to correct the issues I have. I love the easy to follow meal plans and the coaching. I always feel more motivated each time I talk with any of WellnessWits staff.

Ife Folawiyo.jpg

Ife. F

I am so thankful we met Dr Oduba, now I am a strong believer in finding root causes of issues before taking medications. As a matter fact, we hardly take medications in my family. We now believe in healthy living.

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Tonye. T 

Dr. Kike Oduba was very thorough in analyzing my health profile and educating me on how certain factors contribute to my symptoms. She really took the time to sit and discuss with me in a personalized way that was easy to understand. .

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