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Are you ready to make a positive change in your child's health? 

Empowering Parents and Guardians for Healthier Children

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Program Overview

Body Smart is a comprehensive program designed to empower parents and guardians with the knowledge and tools to understand and address childhood obesity effectively.

By helping you understand the impact of excess weight on children's quality of life, this program offers practical insights and strategies for promoting healthier habits and positive outcomes.


Through interactive modules, users will gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to childhood obesity and discover actionable steps to support their children in achieving optimal health and well-being. 

Program Modules


Understanding Childhood Weight


Assessing Your Child’s Current State


Setting Realistic Goals


Nutrition Essentials

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your insurance covers essential health devices like glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters.

Get started now and ensure your well-being is always a priority.

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 The detail and time taken to discuss the symptoms I have been having is very new to me as most gut symptoms are overlooked or treated with medications. Time well spent for me and I recommend making time to take this program. This experience was life changing for me"

- Liz Kainer.

(Elimination Diet Group Member)

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